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Julia Bickerstaff

 Creative Neon Lights and Glass

Glass NEON maker in Leeds and maker of Cold Cathode lighting and POS Neon for all sectors. From trade engineering and signage to art based or experimental creative works.

Real neon is at the heart of Neon Unity. Neon Craft is what Julia does.

Have your neon made by Julia. Information needed is:

What it is or says?    pictures help. Send via email or WhatsApp, etc                .

Sizes?                     how big is it?                                                                 .

Colours?                  there are so many colour options for real neon glass tubes.


If you have an old crusty sign which has seen better days? perhaps an heirloom?

Julia can fix it up for you, even if it is really damaged or broken. Julia is passionate about sympathetic restoration. We have access to a team of dedicated crafters that can help out, after all it is the ultimate in recycling/reuse. ALSO if you have an LED neon your unhappy with and it has developed the "blank-spots" of burnt out LEDs; how about having it made in glass? Just ask.


The workshop has a plethora of illuminating ideas for the eyes to feast on. The photo is just a small section. Stock changes so if visiting it might be a little different. Especially as a lot of Julia's Neons are bespoke or restorations.

Light Reading

Light Reading  Neon and book based sculpture. Exhibited nationally. By Julia Bickerstaff



Glass has been worked and manipulated for centuries for its beauty and versatility. So many uses but by far the biggest use of Glass is in light movement and control from windows to decoration. Julia Bickerstaff has worked glass all her working life having a passion for glass even at School. Today Julia makes:


Neon tubing,

Making Neon for the sign and lighting industry. The aim is  to keep the passion in Neon from Neon Signs to Neon Lighting and neon sculptures. Using her many years experience and a qualified engineer and registered member of the Institution of Engineering and technology (setting the standards in engineering)

The phenomenon of the electrical arc through neon gas was discovered at the turn of the last century and harnessed in the late 20''s in the UK. The principle is still the same today but using electronic power supplies and safety circuitry to maximise economy and safety. Making Cold Cathode Lighting an economical source of light. Used now in hotels, architectural complexes, television studios,under car,inside car. Even those red dots you see on the side of tall buildings and chimneys.

Neon can be designed, made and installed in most locations from your bathroom (subdued and mood lighting) at home or in your car to the top of your local town hall (subject to planning). MASSIVE or small

Glass vases and Art based pieces

This work is often based around found objects and producing profile forms in glass tubes. Click the title above to take you to a youtube video of a film shown in cinemas and TV about just 1 amazing projects Julia has created.


Using unique tecniques, Julia has created very individual glass jewellery pieces. no longer available however as a stock item.

Neon work-shops and learning classes

Julia has given many light based workshops in the past at her Studio Neoncraft and in schools, Universities, museums amongst other venues. She teaches Neon Workshops for tubular glass blowing enthusiasts. These workshops attract many backgrounds from Sound specialists to Architects, hobbyists to academics, artists to sign companies.

The Children based learning experiences she has delivered have been aimed at opening the child's perception of Art in Science and understanding of the wonders of the modern world of light and energy consumption. Things are not what they always seem.

All attendees to date have enjoyed the very full filling time. the workshops are from 1 day to week long. She also offers one on one tuition for the discerning tubular glass manipulating practitioner from novice to high skill levels where the client is looking for a more advanced experience. for example creating and using plasma gasses. 

Julia has enjoyed the amazing oportunities to teach Neon away from home in Europe: Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Iceland and maybe more to follow.

Contact Us for details: contact


We do not work with LEDs and Faux Neon or Fake Neon. There are many vendors now producing copy and look alike products. We feel our passion lies with REAL neon, glass, it's beauty and economy. However; With our trusted producer of Top quality LED faux neon and you have a burning desire for LED based neon lights then we can price it up for you.

REAL neon making has been classified as an "endanged craft" by the Heritage Crafts Association

Please support Neon making, the heritage and history of this century old skill of glass blowing by using REAL Neon.

Don''t hesitate to ask, for Info, Technical advice, estimates or just a neon chat. Click the contacts page or email. Alternatively use your own email client and email Juliabickerstaff@live.co.uk with your enquiry.

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