It is important to consider Ecology and Economy and the use of lighting.

We do of course need some light in our lives so why not make it fun or work for us?

Neon is the original economic light source. LEDs are only now starting to be as economical as neon.

Things to consider about Neon (Real neon) and LEDs (faux neon):

Neon is made from Glass and is fully and easily recycleable.

LEDs are made from plastics and are not easily recycleable.

Neon coloured tubes contain heavy metal mercury in very small amounts globally.

LEDs also contain heavy metals like Lead and arsnic and others.

Red neon glass tubes have NO heavy metals.

Red LEDs  DO have heavy metals in them.

Neon is crafted by hand and if preserved will last as long as glass can. The original neon tubes from 1898 still works today and can be seen at UCL London England.

Neon making (bending) is at risk.

It has been classified as an "endanged craft" by the Heritage Crafts Association.

Support Neon making, the heritage and history of this century old skill of glass blowing.

There is a plan in place to self-regulate using a concept know as ECO NEON which we already apply and have done for years on care and consideration.